Add bass to your music or home cinema system with a Subwoofer. In addition to our speaker ranges we offer a range of subwoofers including discreet in-wall and custom install variants. Feel the depth of your favourite music and enjoy every exhilarating thump. A subwoofer is an absolute must for surround sound, Film music and special effects contain many low frequencies. A subwoofer not only ensures that these are more audible, but also tangible.

We have a range of subwoofer brands available including Monitor Audio and REL Acoustics. As approved dealers of these brands you can sure that products that you purchase are the very best. Team your subwoofer up with in-wall speakers and in-ceiling speakers for a surround sound system to be proud of.

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REL Tzero MKIII Subwoofer
REL Tzero MKIII Subwoofer is every bit a true REL, just smaller. It enriches even modest systems with power and natural bass by bringing the quality and full REL connectivity suite. 
As low as £449.00 £374.17
REL HT1003 Subwoofer
REL HT1003 Subwoofer features a 10” high-powered, long throw driver and with 300W, the subwoofer offers plenty of power on demand. The unit is intended primarily for high powered home theatre applications, immersive gaming set-ups, and pairs nicely with active powered loudspeakers.
£559.00 £465.83
REL HT1205 Subwoofer
The REL HT1205 Subwoofer is a powerhouse for dedicated high powered home theatre applications, that will also transform the gaming experience and partners nicely with active wireless speakers.
£749.00 £624.17
REL T5x Subwoofer
REL T/5X Subwoofer is perfect for small and medium rooms. For those picky about style, the hidden bonus is this design eliminates even the grill, rendering it the purest of forms.
As low as £699.00 £582.50
REL T/7x Subwoofer
REL T7X Subwoofer is compact enough to end arguments before they begin; while powerful enough to easily answer most needs and balanced enough to blend beautifully with many of the quality speakers out there and still flexible enough to work in specialty applications.
As low as £999.00 £832.50
REL T/9x Subwoofer-Black
The REL T9X Subwoofer sacrifices nothing in clarity and transparency to achieve the all new 9x with greater output than before. The improved sound system is ideal for larger rooms and high-end home cinemas.
As low as £1,299.00 £1,082.50
REL S510 Subwoofer
REL S510 Subwoofer takes REL’s compact-medium chassis concept to reference-like levels of performance and does so with style, power and incredible speed. It delivers incredible levels of all ‘round performance.
As low as £2,299.00 £1,915.83
REL S812 Subwoofer
REL S812 Subwoofer delivers incredible levels of all ‘round performance for both music and film sound, and does so with style, beauty and devastating power.
As low as £2,799.00 £2,332.50
REL Carbon Special Subwoofer
REL Carbon Special Subwoofer is a new limited availability model, featuring the third-generation carbon fibre 12” driver with a new, CSP passive driver that delivers 50% longer stroke and is powered by a 1,000 watt amplifier.
£3,799.00 £3,165.83
REL 212SX Black Subwoofer
REL 212SX Black Subwoofer features upgraded alloy drivers with stronger carbon fiber blades and a new flat passive radiator with extends even deeper than the 212/SE.
£4,499.00 £3,749.17

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