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In ceiling speakers are designed for those looking for the most discreet audio install possible. Ceiling speakers are mounted into the ceiling above your room anf fit flush will just stylish grills on show. This style of speaker can be fitted in almost any room and is perfect for music and home cinema use. So whether you want to listen to your favourite music in the shower or enjoy truly cinematic sound in your dedicated cinema room a built in system like this is ideal. In ceiling speakers are also often used for the height channel in a Dolby Atmos sound system.

We have a range of top brands available including Dali and Monitor Audio and as authorised dealers you can be sure your are getting the real deal. As well as our online store we also have a physical shop and demo room which you can visit to test out the audio systems for yourself. With 18 years experience in home cinema our specialists will be able to guide you through the optimum in-ceiling speakers for your space.


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Dali Phantom K-60 In Ceiling Speaker Black front view
Dali Phantom K-60 In-Ceiling Speaker is part of Dali's New K-Series promising better sound and even more flexibility than ever before. With a refurbished design and an even better bass, the K-60 can provide an immersive audio experience that can be visually hidden away in your ceiling.
£339.00 £282.50
Monitor Audio Vecta V240 Black Speaker front view
Thanks to Monitor Audio’s heritage in high end audio, the Vecta V240 indoor and outdoor speaker has been engineered to the highest possible standard, and will deliver top quality performance for a true audio experience.
As low as £305.00 £254.17
Dali Phantom K-80 In Ceiling Speaker with no grille front side view
The New Dali Phantom K-80 In-Ceiling Speaker features an impressive bass, adjustable sound, a new custom back-can and an improved grille design. Creating even better sound, the new K-series is unmissable.
£429.00 £357.50
DALI PHANTOM E-50 In-Ceiling Speaker with Grille
The Dali Phantom E50 In-Ceiling Speaker delivers an incredible clear and well-defined audio experience, and impresses with the level of bass it can produce, despite its compact size. 
£139.00 £115.83
DALI PHANTOM E-60 In-Ceiling Speaker Side
Dali Phantom E-60 is the perfect all-around speaker. It is not too big and therefore still easy to place, but it is big enough to deliver a full and complete audio experience, designed for optimum in-ceiling use or mounted in-wall.
£169.00 £140.83
DALI PHANTOM E-80 In-Ceiling Speaker with Grille
With the Dali Phantom E-80, its all about big sound. Drawing on every part of its 8” woofer, it will fill even larger rooms with sound, whilst keeping the bass under control.
£259.00 £215.83
DALI PHANTOM E-60-S In-Ceiling Speaker with Grille
Dali Phantom E-60 S In-Ceiling Speaker is the first build-in stereo speaker by DALI, featuring two 20 mm tweeters. Its compact size makes it perfect for small to medium-sized rooms or as height speakers in a multi-channel setup. 
£249.00 £207.50
Monitor Audio C165 In-Ceiling Speaker with grille
Monitor Audio C165 In-Ceiling Speaker is Monitor Audio's most popular 6.5" in-ceiling speaker. The Monitor Audio C165 Speaker's optimum imaging and set-up are established via a pivoting tweeter and high-frequency (+3 dB / 0 dB /-3 dB) level adjustment.
£140.00 £116.67
Monitor Audio C165-T2 6.5in single stereo ceiling speaker
Monitor Audio C165-T2 In-Ceiling Speaker features dual pivoting tweeters for high performance stereo sound from a single speaker. Ideal for bathrooms, hallways, or any area where space does not allow for stereo pairs.
£175.00 £145.83
Monitor Audio C180 In-Ceiling Speaker
Monitor Audio C180 In-Ceiling Speaker incorporates an 8-inch MMP II bass with a C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter to provide high performance sound, ease-of-drive, wide frequency response and dispersion.
£175.00 £145.83

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