Invite the magnificence of cinematic sound into your home with the latest Home Cinema Speakers. Create the ultimate Dolby Atmos Home Cinema System with In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speakers. Distributing Dali, Monitor Audio, Harman Kardon and Rel Acoustics, experience truly breathtaking sound. From multi-room to surround sound systems and smart speakers to floorstanding speakers, we offer a wide range of premium speakers.

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Dali Oberon On-Wall Speaker with grille
The DALI OBERON ON-WALL is a slim, discreet and surprisingly powerful on-wall speaker. Featuring a unique down-firing bass port system, the OBERON ON-WALL renders large-speaker audio in an attractive, compact design.
As low as £499.00 £415.83
DALI PHANTOM H-60 R In-Ceiling Speaker front no grille
Dali Phantom H-60 R In-Wall Speaker is an adaptation of the Dali Phantom H-60. The difference is the shape of the grille. The H-60 R features a rectangular grille. Dali's H-60 R is designed for in-wall use creating an invisible design with unforgettable sound.
£349.00 £290.83
Monitor Audio Gold 100 | Bookshelf Speakers | Pair | Ebony
Monitor Audio's Gold 100 Bookshelf speakers offer premium sound for smaller rooms. In their fifth generation, the speakers produce unrivalled sound and are carefully designed with a luxurious finish.
As low as £1,539.00 £1,282.50
Monitor Audio C280-IDC In-Ceiling Speaker
The Monitor Audio C280-IDC In-Ceiling Speaker features an 8-inch C-CAM bass driver and a pivoting IDC module, housing a 4-inch C-CAM RST inverted midrange driver and a 1-inch C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter.
£315.00 £262.50
Monitor Audio C280-IDC
Monitor Audio C380-IDC In-Ceiling Speaker is configured with an 8-inch C-CAM RST bass driver and offers a powerful 3-way discreet design providing a deeper bass, higher system output and greater power handling. 
£400.00 £333.33
Monitor Audio Silver C250 Centre Speaker 7G
The Silver C250 7G Centre Speaker promises to make your favourite films sound better than ever. Creating that big, cinematic sound you can both hear and feel, making those iconic movie moments unforgettable.
As low as £600.00 £500.00
Dali Phantom H-80 R In-Wall Speaker side front black
Dali Phantom H-80 R uses the same sound and same features but with a new sleek design. Using a rectangular finish, the H-80 R creates outstanding sound quality even when seated off-centre.
£419.00 £349.17
Monitor Audio C380-FX In-Ceiling Speaker
Monitor Audio C380-FX In-Ceiling Speaker features surround mode selection of dipole (diffuse sound) or bipole (direct sound) operation for a super-discreet home theatre sound.
£340.00 £283.33
Dali Phantom K-60 In Ceiling Speaker Black front view
Dali Phantom K-60 In-Ceiling Speaker is part of Dali's New K-Series promising better sound and even more flexibility than ever before. With a refurbished design and an even better bass, the K-60 can provide an immersive audio experience that can be visually hidden away in your ceiling.
£339.00 £282.50
Monitor Audio CS180 In-Ceiling Speaker
Monitor Audio CS180 In-Ceiling speaker marries our 8-inch MMP II driver with the CWT family’s pivoting C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter. The CS180 offers superlative dynamic delivery in a super-discreet format.
As low as £200.00 £166.67